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Revenue Operations (RevOps) is the alignment of sales, marketing and customer success operations across the full customer life cycle - driving growth through operational efficiency and keeping all teams accountable to revenue. The approach is designed to eliminate silos between departments, so that everyone is working together to help the customer succeed. 

Aligning operations to create a seamless customer experience that drives company growth.

list-blue   Marketing Operations

The digital transformation journey begins with Marketing Operations. Through it, you will bring cohesion across the entire organization - from pre-sales campaigns, through the sales process to post sales delivery.

list-blue   Sales Operations

At its core, Sales operations supports the 1:1 engagement of sales teams with prospective customers. Success is driven by effectively activating results from leading and lagging indicators through efficient processes.

list-blue   Customer Success Operations

Customer Success Operations is where the promises are kept and relationships are developed into partnerships. By understanding the connection from the first engagement to post-sales, the CS team can be the superheroes of the company.

list-blue   HubSpot Implementation

Digital transformation requires systems to support the processes you've created. HubSpot has quickly become a leader in this space, and they do it from an integrated platform perspective. As a certified partner of HubSpot, your implementation will be smooth, and allow you to see the benefits of the transformation immediately.

list-blue   HubSpot Administration

You know how to serve your customers, and you may not want to know everything about HubSpot. That's where we can help - Our certified admins can provide you a very cost-effective alternative to having people on staff. This is our focus, we are certified, and we are efficient.

list-blue   Managed RevOps Analytics

Our team has sat in your seat (likely every single seat!). Because of that, we bring a very unique perspective to helping companies manage their business. Our proprietary models and frameworks will enable you to immediately answer questions that have typically been driven by your "gut". 

Our approach to your success involves aligning your marketing, sales, and services.

"The team at NewEdge Growth led the charge building out our RevOps practice within HubSpot. Across our marketing, sales, and customer success teams, they were able to guide us towards frictionless scalable revenue. "

Amy Bailey
CIO Kincaid IT


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